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At Virbac, we’re committed to answering pet owners’ questions and providing innovative, quality products for the pets they love. Below are some resources to help you care for, nurture, and protect your pet.


Heartworm Rebate:

SUBMIT IVERHART REBATE - Protect your pet with a chewable once-a-month tablet. We're offering a $3 rebate for your purchase of IVERHART® brand heartworm preventative.

Downloadable Materials:
Tapeworms Are Gross! Find out what you should know about tapeworms with this informative brochure.
Brochure on protecting dogs against ticks
Brochure on caring for aging dogs
Make Your Pet’s Dental Health Part of Your Routine - Learn the 3 essential—and easy—ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy in this handy reference.
Download Checkup Checklist: Know the right information to share with your veterinarian. Print out this checklist to bring with you to your pet’s next appointment. 

How-to video on brushing a dog’s teeth

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Other Helpful Links:

The Companion Animal Parasite Council

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The American Heartworm Society

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