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A picture says a thousand words. I’m funny. Lovable. Mischievous. I love the taste of cheese! Show us a photo that captures your dog’s or cat’s spirit and your pet may be featured on this website! Enter now — a new winner will be spotlighted every month!

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Age: 3

Breed: Greyhound

Hobbies: Argyle loves to carry toys and shoes outside and racing solo in a circle.

Owner's name: Anne

Why this photo caputures Argyle's spirit:
Argyle is a retired racer adopted from a local greyhound rescue. He loves lounging around the house and doesn't realize he's too large for certain spaces but somehow always gets comfy. He still runs very fast on the 'track' he's worn in the backyard but spends most of his time carrying toys and shoes outside and dropping them randomly.


Age: 5

Breed: Italian Greyhound Mix

Hobbies: Albert loves to play with squeaky toys and be a lap dog!

Owner's name: Erin

Why this photo caputures Albert's spirit:
Albert likes to be cozy and warm and likes wearing his dog coats in the winter. And when you're tired and warm and in need of a good nap, a squeaky reindeer toy makes a great pillow!! If you look close, you'll see that Albert has a smile on his face. He is such a happy little guy and always puts a smile on my face! He is the World's Best Lap Dog and I'm so happy to have him in my life.


Age: 4 weeks

Breed: Shiba Inu

Hobbies: Sleep & wrestle.

Owner's name: Gloria

Why this photo caputures Tandy's spirit:
I'm calm, but observant. Don't confuse my angelic looks with weakness! I am an excellent wrestling opponent to my sister. I have my humans convinced I am perfect!


Age: 31/2

Breed: Schischon

Hobbies: Bella loves to go for a ride in the car and loves walks on the beach.

Owner's name: Mary

Why this photo caputures Bella's spirit:
This is what makes Bella's heart happy! She loves to ride around in the neighborhood with her head hanging out of the window. When we get to the main highway she prefers to sit in her seat. As soon as we arrive in our neighborhood she's up and out the window to get that smell of our "Dandy" air. Our neighborhood is located in Dandy/Yorktown, Virginia


Age: 5

Breed: French Bull dog

Hobbies: Chewing empty plastic bottles, chasing balls, sleeping, snoring and being cute.

Owner's name: Tamala

Why this photo caputures Pudge's spirit:
Because Pudge always listens to you and tries to figure out what you are saying. 9 our of 10 times he gets it right. I personally think he is really a human, but don't tell anyone!