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As seen on the show, one major reason for relinquishment of pets to shelters is behavior problems. Some of these behaviors may be due to anxiety in pets, and being placed in a strange environment not just once (the shelter) but twice (the new home), can make anxiety a real issue. Dr. Jeff Nichol, a resident in the specialty of veterinary behavior, was featured on the segment supported by Virbac and ANXITANE® (L-Theanine) Tablets, a natural, palatable green-tea based supplement that has been shown to help reduce mild to moderate anxiety in dogs and cats. If a pet can be more relaxed in a shelter setting, their true personality may be more apparent, so they may have a better chance at adoption. Up to 82% of dogs at another shelter showed reduction in signs of anxiety when given ANXITANE® Tablets, according to Dr. Nichol. He also recommends continuing the ANXITANE® Tablets during the transition period into the new home, to help smooth out the stress associated with those changes.

When pets come to McKamey Animal Center, they are given a complete physical examination, which includes looking at the oral cavity. In another “Pet Spaces” episode, it is noted that periodontal disease is a common problem in dogs and cats, and can be associated with other health issues. It is important for the staff at McKamey to pay attention to the oral cavity, and to educate and help pet owners to continue good dental care with their veterinarian after adoption. Dr. Heidi Lobprise, a board certified veterinary dentist, spent time with veterinary technician students discussing the importance of a strong dental program that includes regular oral exams, professional care when needed, and appropriate home care. She was able to demonstrate several methods of home care, using the broad range of chews, oral solutions and toothpastes from Virbac. One patient, Pep, had not received adequate dental care prior to her stay at McKamey. Dr. Lobprise was able to schedule time to extract several infected teeth, in order that Pep’s oral health – and general health – could improve.

So – a home improvement show and Virbac collaborated nicely with these efforts. The Designing Spaces mission is to make every space count and to provide solutions. Smilarly, Virbac’s mission is to provide answers to questions owners might have about their pets’ health.