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C.E.T.® Brand Products, the #1 Choice of Veterinarians, Celebrates 25 Years of Dental Excellence

Let’s face it: you work hard to take good care of your pets. That should include their teeth, too! With so many dental care products on the market today, how do you choose the right one for your pet? The best choice is to talk to your veterinarian. You trust your veterinarian to know what is best for your pet’s health, and veterinarians trust C.E.T.® Home Dental Care products. They provide the quality dental care your pet needs to maintain a healthy mouth.

For 25 years, C.E.T. products have been the first choice of veterinarians. Their "chop-licking" good taste makes it easy for pet owners to cultivate good oral hygiene habits for their furry friends. The Virbac C.E.T brand offers a full range of customizable home oral hygiene care for pets. From water additives, to chews, to brushing, these products will get pets “flashing those pearly whites” on a daily basis.